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Our Full-Package Features

It includes all the complete package for all the MBA entrance exams.


It includes timely and regular one-to-one mentoring of every enrolled students


Crash course/booster course would be completely free for our Full course students.



Personal analysis of MOCKS taken by aspirants and way to further go about the preparation.

Personal Mentoring

CAT is in the end an aptitude test.Students have been developing our aptitude since our school and the level of aptitude is different for everyone. Personal and constant mentoring by faculties throughout the journey of preparation helps aspirants to know from where to start,how to go about the particular topic,what to sudy and importantantly what to skip.


We try to keep our teaching pace moderate and batch size small,so that if anyone has doubt can ask during the class. Even if the aspirants have any doubts further,they can ask and get is clarified in closed FB group/whatsapp group for enrolled students

Live Classes(5/6 days a week)

All the classes are held live at late evening 9:30 to 11:00 PM.This odd timing helps working professional and students to attend the class at the end of the day. Classes are held on one of the best live streaming applications ie Goto Meeting. If any student miss a class for any of theri reasons,the class recordings are provided to all the students in next 24 hours.



Daily Practice And Work Sheet

 We share some relevant questions with solutions from all the sections on our FB Groups and whatsapp group for daily practice.This keeps aspirants involved in the preparation throughout the day even if they are not timely scheduling their preparation study.

















Shipping tons of study material

CAT is not about the amount of questions you solve but about solving the relevant questions with correct and better approaches. It’s not a technical entrance exam with huge syllabus and formulae that you need great amount of  practice. We try to teach all the possible varieties of the question with optimum amount of practice on each types of questions.

We don’t add 100s of students in a batch

 Our all focus is to give as maximum attention to students in the class. Teaching in a large batches makes it impossible for aspirants to ask small doubts and for  the faculty to attend it. We want every minute invested by aspirants should be valuable and effective for them.



We don’t teach so called “shortcuts”

“Shortcut doesn’t work in CAT”,this would be reply of any students who would have scored 99+ile.
CAT is one of the most trickiest and toughest exams of aptitutde. The question makers are well aware of easy short cuts being floated by institutes to brag, so the questions are most of the time twisted so that you find tough to apply short-cuts and even if you do,you get into the trap of wrong answer. Our complete focus is not teach a better and conceptual approach to solve the questions in lesser time by avoiding traditional and lengthy methods. 

We do not teach irrelevant topics

 We value your quality time that you invest in your preparation and try that every hour that you invest should be effective and valuable for your preparation. So we teach only relevant topics of the exam.Also our weightage in time to each topics is according to the weightage of these by the exam. We also completely omit the topics which are completely absolete, for example: grammar,vocabulary(for CAT) ,multinomials, conic section etc.



Courses Offered

We have tried our best to keep our course updated and relevant to CAT. We also keep on upgrading our course content and deliver more than promised.



GDPI & WAT Prepration

GDPI/WAT Course for B-School expected interview call getters.

Check Detail


I am really thankful to the Talha sir, My CAT LRDI sectional percentile was 63.xx in 2017 which has drastically improved to 92.66 percentile in CAT 2018. Getting a good overall percentile need to be coupled with good sectional percentiles for decent B schools calls. This has highly helped me for NITIE convert.
Vaishnavi Kilambi


The LRDI course by Talha sir has proved to be very effective. In the class and practice session around 300+ CAT Level sets were solved which boosted the confidence to solve any new sets. Methodology to solve are perfect.
Prateek Guru

CAT-19 (99.04 ile)

LRDI use to be very dreadful section for me.The way it has been taught ,one can easily end up solving 4-5 sets in the actual exam. It use to happen in the later phase of the mocks and fortunately happened in the CAT exam even. I got 99.44%ile in LRDI and 99.71 overall.



Most frequent questions and answers

Q1. Is this course for me?

More versions of this question can be: 
a) I am already taking CAT coaching from XYZ institute, is this course for me?
b) I am a working professional/dropper, preparing on my own, is this course for me?
c) I have already taken a complete CAT online course for ABC institute, is this course for me?
To answer this question, we want to ask you a question: Do you want to get a good percentile in CAT and get into a top MBA college? If your answer is yes, then this course is for you. 
The exam test  aptitude of the atmost level and aptitude is something that need to be kept sharp to crack this exam with a good percentile. We keep our class detailed and very relevant to the exam. Also, the mentors are very easily accessible throughout day and to help you out .

Q2. Why should I buy this course? What all will I get?

The details of the course is explicitly given on the website. We have tried our best to keep our course updated and relevant to CAT. We also keep on upgrading our course content and  deliver more than promised.

Q3.How will the course be delivered?

Our complete course is online.live classes would be conducted on GOTO meeting. you can check the demo of the class above.The recordings of the class would be shared to you after 24 hours. Daily worksheets and content would be delivered on our LMS.

Q4. How do you justify the price of this course?

We have just a simple argument here for you: quality and price are actually directly proportional and it is very compettive. We firmly believe the plethora of features our course has, it is actually great value for money,also the faculty team is always looking to add more quality to the course . We do not believe in duping people by giving a certain price and then giving huge discounts on it just to drive up sales.
Finally, no amount of money is more valuable than one year wasted because of low CAT  scores!

Q5.How do I make the payment for Online CAT Courses?

Go to this Course section . Click on GET NOW button. You will directed to the payment gateway to make the payment for the selected course. you will have a pop-up where you enter your phone number (if not entered) and email ID. You can select the payment method (card/netbanking/mobile wallets) and proceed with the transaction. The invoice will be sent on your registered email ID. The payment is 100% safe and secure.

Q6. What are the technical specifications required for this course?

We advise you to use an internet connection with a minimum speed of 1 MBPS (this should not be a problem in the world of 4G). Along with this, the course is compatible with mobile browsers and you should be able to view videos and solve tests on mobile as well. 

Q7.How do I contact MBAint in case of any queries or need more information?

you can mail us on [email protected] or call on 9971673374 or whatsapp on the same number.

Q8. The course is valid till what date?

All courses for CAT 2019 is valid till Jan 2020 (so you should be covered till XAT 2020). In case you wish to extend the duration of the course can contact us at 9971673374.

Q9.What if I don't like the Course?

We suggest you to go through the demo videos and many other content videos put on our website and youtube channel so that you get the idea of the way we teach. If you don’t like the course we will refund you the complete amount. Refund must be raised within a week .

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