Should I quit my job for CAT preparation?

I leave for office by 9 am and return home/room by 9 pm or 10 pm(sometimes), should I quit job?

 I am not getting enough time so I really don’t know whether I would be able to score 99.9x%ile in CAT to convert calls from IIM or any elite B-school, now I am in a fix.

what should I do now?

Dear working professionals –cum-CAT aspirants, I suppose most of you have this above-mentioned question lingering in your head. Well, it’s a tough job to prepare for CAT with such a hectic schedule but not impossible at all. Trust me even at IIMs you are supposed to study and do dozens of activities by being awake 18 hrs in a day, one who is used to routine of 12 hrs of work and solving 3hours  full-length mocks after coming from work with analysis of mocks next day again coming from work, can come out with flying colors, not only in academics but in other activities which will shape one’s managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

But, then how to prepare for CAT with 12 hours of work, coming home from the office feeling like completely exhausted, no energy but still one has to give mocks with 100% concentration, how to do that again?

Here are 10 commandments if you follow religiously for the next 10 months, you will surely get a call from IIM /elite B-school(presuming your work schedule 12hours 6 days a week and your actual preparation for CAT starts from 24th Feb onwards).

  • Collect last one-year MBAint/CL/TIME mocks, each day solve one section with a time limit(very important most people ignore this ), keep timer 1hour.
  • Take a break of 5 mins after solving that section,  then for next 5-10 mins, note down the question numbers for which you marked wrong answers
  • Then for next 1-hour re-solve those wrongly answered questions without seeing solutions.
  • If still, you get wrong answers, for the wrongly answered questions take a logbook, make a columns mock number, section, wrongly answered question number
  • Then for next 45 mins, for correctly answered questions, check whether approach of correct answers, is not logically correct with logic of official solutions, re-check and compare where did you go wrong then take again logbook and for the same mock number, section which you have prepared as in the previous step, jot down question number and topic in which that question came
  • Repeat the above pattern for subsequent sections in that mock and in subsequent mocks till 6 working days every week.
  • On Sunday(or any of the weekdays which will be off)  whatever wrongly answered question numbers go through them in detail check with correct solutions and understand the logic where were you going wrong, and also go through the basics of those topics, of those questions, mentioned in log book for which your approach to right answer was wrong.
  • The above-mentioned steps you will be continuously doing till May end.
  • From June 1st week you will start giving full-length mock-3hrs from June 1st and June 2nd, subsequently, you will be giving full-length mock and doing analysis alternate days.
  • Sundays(or any weekdays which will be off) on those days, you’re supposed to give 2 hrs time  for The Hindu paper reading/The Economist alternate Sundays(or any weekdays which will be off)

Most Important considering your TIME constraint, so follow the above steps religiously and meticulously, all other unnecessary activities which lead to your distraction from following these 10 commandments routine, need to be ignored or kept aside.

 MBAint CAT course will ensure that you stick with this routine as anytime 24/7 whenever you get stuck with any question we are there to guide you, help you resolve your doubts, queries by providing the solution in a logical manner so that you can comfortably tackle such trick and tough like appearing questions with ease to score 99.9X%ile at least not only in your mocks but also in CAT/XAT and other MBA entrance exams.

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