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What is the MBAint PI-WAT Course all about? 1. Essay Writing Videos Live classes to guide you on how to write factual and abstract essays. The classes will have special focus on how to generate content, frameworks, demarcation of paragraphs, and coherent style. 2.Personal Essay Review We will review 5 essays for you over the duration of the course. You will be assigned a topic and given time to compose/write your essay. The essay will, then, be reviewed and given actionable insights. 3.Personal Interview Classes and improvement of profile There would be live classes focused on DO’s and DONT’s of the interviews spanning from attire/ body language to leaving the interview room.
  • How to build your profile?
  • How to present yourself in the interview?
  • Interview basics with respect to all question types ranging from personality based to professional achievements/ career
  • Sample answers for common questions so that you can align your answers accordingly
  • Live personal interviews on phone/ Skype basis availability.
  • 3 Live interviews as per your interview schedule.
  • Recommend one early interview so that you can suitably work on your profile.
  • One stress interview if the need be – Be ready to get demotivated through this.
4. Group Discussion/ Case discussion  There would be live classes to guide you on the GD/ Case Discussion depending on your calls. Strongly suggest you to attend these classes as they would help you in acing your business schools.

Important  note:

1.All the live classes will be recorded and shared. 2.Personalised feedback and suggestions as and when solicited. 3.Guidance of which Business schools to fill in and leave out. 4.Connect with alums/ current students if needed.
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