How to be in top 1%ile in DI/LR section of CAT 2021?

“Logic cannot comprehend love; so much the worse for logic.”
― N.T. Wright

Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning, just like VA/RC, has no fixated syllabus. The only solution for this is practice… practice… consistently as many sets you solve higher confidence you get to solve the sets with greater speed and higher accuracy.

(0.01)^-3 *(0.56258) vs (0.01)^-4*(0.998857) which is greater? if you need paper for this, then you need to practice more mentally. Typically  DI sets the comparison of percentages, ratios ought to be done mentally, for this go through Vedic maths, learn with fun playing with numbers which will help you to sail smoothly through DI sets. As for LR, you can start with George summers- Puzzles and teasers, Shakuntala Devi- more puzzles

The above-mentioned task was just a warm-up session. Let’s have a look at cutoffs of DI/LR of previous years of CAT papers.

2015 56
2016 43
2017 45
2018 46
2019 67

Considering DI/LR Section of CAT 2019, it was comparatively easier than that of CAT 2018.

About 3 sets, more specifically the ones which talked about different types of gifts in 100 boxes, the 12 different junctions, and summation of two 6-digit numbers, were easy and should have surely been attempted. Another set, which was a horizontal bar chart about the different types of crimes in different states, was also easy, shouldn’t have taken more than 10 min to solve this set.

The chart was radar graph type, which is new one check this below:-

Maximum marks of CAT 2019 DI/LR section were 96 marks, at 67 marks students scored 99%ile and at 57 marks students scored 95%ile. So, if we consider 57/96 its approx 50%. So 50% of the total score of DI/LR will land to 95%ile. Now the total number of CAT aspirants was 2,09,405.

So based on above analysis a score of 50% in DI/LR would give 95%ile, which means 95%  CAT aspirants(2,09,405)= 198935 are below 95%ile or couldn’t even score 50% in DI/LR.

Only 10470 out of 209405 were able to score 95%ile+ in DI/LR section. So this shows, only 5% of total CAT 2019 aspirants were able to score at least 95%ile.

Why is that more than 95% of the CAT population were not able to solve even 50% of the DI LR questions?

There are two reasons:-

  1. There is a great deal of randomness and high level of uncertainty when it comes to DILR section. Even if one completes, all the books, related to DI/LR, there will still be something new, something very different which you may come across in the exam.
  2. Even if one cracks the tough set and are able to decode the subtleties of the same, still there are bound to be at least 1 question (out of 4 qs) per set which will be extremely difficult (which will have a tendency to demoralize even seasoned professionals), because there will be some additional information which will be provided.

What can be the remedy for this?

If I were at your place I would identify and solve easy to medium sets which will assure my raw score to be at least 50%, so as to score 95%ile in worst case, so how to get that score? Practice is the key.

Here is the attempt strategy:-

Identify easy, medium, tough sets, you should take 10 mins in skimming through all the sets in DI/LR paper. Going through this method in CAT 2019 one was able to identify 3 easy sets, 2 medium sets and 2 difficult sets.

             Benefits of following the strategy are:-

  • You will always find 3-4 sitter Qs in this section, that can be solved even without even attempting the whole set
  • In round 1 one you will attempt easy sets and in round 2  medium sets, but those who practice well can get 99%ile by solving easy and medium sets with 99% accuracy.
  • You are not supposed to solve those sets which contain multiple cases, in the first attempt, as your not supposed to risk out precious time in getting stuck with such sets which can be utilized in solving other doable questions
  • Wherever possible read choices along with questions this helps in elimination of options so can solve such questions in a faster way, thus saving time.
  • You’re supposed to jot down details of dataset on the rough paper given in CAT exam hall, as this ensures you don’t have to go through the entire dataset again and again, while solving questions, thus saving time.
  • Any doubt or ambiguity just leave the question for review and come back to that question once you’re done with all easy and medium questions in the DI/LR section
  • For maximization score in data interpretation calculation speed and sense of approximation is the key factor is an ideal platform with great mentors who will guide you to follow the above mentioned salient features, religiously and meticulously, so as to ensure you to score top 1%ile in DI/LR section, not only in mocks you have subscribed for but also in CAT 2021 and other MBA entrance exams.

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