Do you need to be oxford scholar to be in the top 1%ile in the VA/RC section of CAT 2020?

Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity – Aristotle

Dear Aspirants,

So, what’s flashing in your mind for the above-mentioned question……?

Some of my students who are pursuing MBA in ‘IIMs’ and other elite ‘B-schools’ were from Hindi/Gujarati medium school, have not only scored  99.9%ile in VA RC section of CAT and other MBA entrance exams but also have been awarded for their good oratory skills, in their eloquent speeches, on communication, and management skills.

But how is that possible? It’s possible with consistent practice, done religiously and meticulously, by working hard smartly. Unlike Quant. and DI /LR which one can reach that top 1% within 2-3 months of consistent practice, VA /RC requires a couple of months of consistent reading of articles, after which one can see the performance reflected in mocks and further in main CAT exam.

Here are few tips that I would like to suggest which if you follow from now onwards till D-day, will not only help you to get decent %iles in VA/RC section of mocks but also in CAT exam and in general with every MBA entrance exam you aspire to appear: –

  1. Read ‘The Hindu paper’, first cover the editorial portion, next cover other news events like Government Policies and Schemes, International Organizations, Economic Policies, Science and Technology, Health and Medicine, international relations, miscellaneous, etc.
  2. Read at least two articles from ‘’ and write the gist of those articles, the discussion will be done regarding the same.
  3. Watch ‘BBC world’ news for at least 1 hour and subscribe to the ‘Guardian Magazine’.
  4. Whenever you come across any new word be it offline or online source, first thing is to google it. Look for synonyms and jot down the word meanings for the same. Furthermore, form a sentence in your own way, which will improve your comprehension skills, grammar skills, and improve your ability on word usage.

For example: –

 vilify (verb): spread negative information about

 Todd was noble after the divorce, choosing to say only complimentary things about Barbara, but Barbara did not hesitate to vilify Todd.

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Following the above-mentioned steps will ensure you these things: –

  1. Skill to read and comprehend most abstract topics in mocks and CAT exams irrespective of whether you like it or not which is I would say as the skill of cold reading, i.e. Having no empathy/ apathy towards a particular topic.
  2. Familiarity with varied topics and with peculiar jargons common in those topics
  3. Ability to answer the questions of all those RC passages with high accuracy even if you don’t understand the passage, this can be done through eliminations technique and then smartly selecting answer which coherently fits in with the passage
  4. You will be able to answer to the inferential based questions, without even seeing the actual options
  5. You will be able to answer the questions like the main idea and the tone of a passage within seconds. as an ideal platform guarantees you, with expertise in the above-mentioned salient features, provided you follow a systematic schedule prepared and guided by our great mentors, who will be devoted 24/7 for taking your efforts to top 1%in VA /RC section of not only CAT exam but every other MBA entrance exam.

Start your CAT journey with us and see the difference.

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