A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle – Khalil Gibran

Dear CAT Aspirants,

First of all a very happy new year!

So what’s coming in your mind seeing this title…..

What is your main intention; whether to score 99+%ile in CAT to convert IIM call or settle with average B-school?

 As per present trend, with growing competition, IIMs filter candidates based on quality of profile in first phase and filter remaining candidates based on interview performance, stress management, attitude and aptitude, etc, apart from good academics and 99.9x%ile. So, lack of such parameters, leads to rejection IIM call in either of the phases, which further leads to limiting of one’s own ability to grow better than expectation of being at one of the best IIMs.

Those students with not so good academics, who may not get calls from old IIMs still they have good chances to get calls from new and baby IIMs, which can be possible by scoring 99.9x%ile in CAT equipped with good interview skills with right kind of attitude and aptitude.

Right attitude is required to get a score of 99.9x%ile, then based on this score wherever you get call, prepare for to give best performance to convert the call. For that you need to prepare for GD/PI along with the start of CAT preparation from now itself.

Having said that, it doesn’t matter whether you study from old IIM or new IIM, what matters is how you inculcate IIM culture within yourself, there are people who are still working in some company passing from old IIMs and there are some people who went for their own startups after passing from new IIMs.

How is that possible?

Ideally IIMs expect you to be entrepreneurs rather than being job seekers, so for this right attitude and aptitude makes the difference

For having such right attitude and aptitude, you need an ideal platform which will build your robust impressive profile along with GD/PI preparation, which will not only ensure you to get 99.9x%ile to prepare you convert IIM call based on other parameters but also to inculcate IIM culture within yourself.


We at MBAint provide you such platform, which is strong leverage for solidifying your basics, along with problem query and doubt resolving, brainstorming sessions. We also provide you with topic and sectional tests which will ensure you to get decent percentiles in whichever mocks you enroll, thus boosting your confidence to get decent percentile in actual CAT exam. Apart from that we expect you to interact on proactive basis by sharing new types of questions, which will be knowledge sharing for all the students like you and an opportunity for us to give you feasible solutions. Our platform, inculcates IIM culture, in the study schedule pattern, designed for not only cracking IIM call but also to come out of IIM successfully.

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So, students what makes you waiting for grabbing IIM call, get enrolled with this platform, be assured for next 11 months, it’s going to be as much fun, to learn and implement, to score 99+%ile in mocks and CAT 2020.

 Next blog we will discuss various strategies and techniques in how to score at least 99+ %ile in CAT 2020.

Till then we expect some basic inputs from all IIM aspirants:-

  • Why do you want to do MBA?
  • Why do you consider yourself to be suitable candidate for IIM?
  • Where do you want to see yourself 5 years post MBA from IIM?
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